Flavio Pacino (Florence, 1993)
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Flavio Pacino’s work moves through drawing, sculptural, installation and video-installation media, mainly investigating the relationship between the natural and artificial elements, probing their boundaries and future possibilities. In 2010 he began his painting studies in the studio of the spanish artist Fran Bobadilla in Florence, in 2018 he is assistant to Nuno Sousa Vieira in Leiria (PT) and at the end of 2019 he is invited from Gaetano Pesce's studio in New York for the realization of specific projects between art and design. Trained in design (ISIA of Florence, 2016) and visual art fields (Accademia di Belle Arti of Bologna 2018), he focuses his research on the theme of space and nature, reflecting in rational terms on the future of the latter. Since 2018 collaborates with Costanza Battaglini in various projects ranging from their artistic research on themes of common interest, to design, and organization of seminars.



Collected Poems - digital exhibition - Spazio CRAC, Modena (IT) - curated by Alessandro Mescoli
Superfici iniziali - Adiacenze, Bologna
Sull’adattabilità 05 - Vaku Project Space, Bergamo - curated by Alberto Ceresoli
Sobre os ventos - Banco de Portugal, Galeria Municipal, Leiria (Portugal) - curated by Nuno Sousa Vieira
21 metri + (17) - Artforms, Prato - curated by Dominique Morellet, Rachel Morellet and Pamela Gori
Sull’adattabilità 02 - Porto dell’Arte, Bologna - curated by Irene Angenica and Davide Da Pieve


Artemisia - aromatic garden, Modena (IT) - curated by Alessandro Mescoli
Hortus Conclusus, Fondazione Lac o Le Mon, Lecce (IT)
Marcovaldo - Le Houloc, Paris (France) - curated by Anna Battiston and Léa Hodencq
Note di un silenzio, SPAZI 2018, Milano - curated by Irene Angenica in duo w/ Costanza Battaglini
Artistic residency project Z.O.L.F.O, Padova - curated by cultural centre La Medusa
On_the_spot, Anomalie - Santa Croce, Macerata - curated by Michele Gentili
Lagolandia, S. Benedetto Val di Sambro - curated by Federica Fiumelli
Esercizi di stile - MAMbo museum, Bologna - curated by Francesca Manni, C. Francucci and V. Dehò
Percorsi - Conservatorio G. B. Martini, Bologna - curated by Davide Rivalta
Arte nella Natura - Land installation, Pistoia - curated by Siliano Simoncini
La grandezza delle mani - P420, Bologna - curated by Lelio Aiello with Massimo Marchetti
SOURCE APP – Source Self Made Design, Design Week, Milan - curated by Roberto Rubini


First Classified, 3rd edition Roberto Daolio prize, “PLUTÔT LA VIE…PLUTÔT LA VILLE”


Hortus Conclusus, artistic residency with final exhibition at Fondazione Lac o Le Mon, Lecce (IT)
Nuno Sousa Vieira studio, Leiria (PT)
Artistic residency project Z.O.L.F.O, Padova (IT) - by cultural centre La Medusa


Da cosa nasce cosa(?) part 2, workshop at IAAD Design University, Turin (IT) realized in duo w/ C. Battaglini
Da cosa nasce cosa(?), workshop at IAAD Design University, Bologna (IT) realized in duo w/ C.Battaglini


- Working Gallery performance at Salon 94 Design Gallery by Gaetano Pesce, New York (US), 2019
- Set design for Cabinet Of Wonders by Julia Morozova w/ Costanza Battaglini, 2019
- Martina Aiazzi Mancini, In conversazione con Flavio Pacino. Uno sguardo agli ultimi lavori, tra nuove consapevolezze e digitalità, FORME UNICHE,2018
- Autumn Exhibitions in Bologna: From white to colourful, ARTIFICIALIS.EU, 2018
- Flavio Pacino, Sull'adattabilità - Esercizi fotografici, 148x210 mm (A5) artist’s book, 2017
- Creactivity E-Magazine ‘13, exhibition catalogue, 2013